Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Plaid/Tartan mini Skirt

Plaid/Tartan mini Skirt
As I wrote yesterday,  the plaid/tartan skirt is in the trend right now. I do think is  one of the clothes you need in your closet for autumn and winter this year.  I found this one yesterday from Miss Selfridge.  I love this one. The colours are more classic for this type of skirt. As I wrote yesterday it's very pretty with a sweaters/jumpers, but you can also wear  it with a nice skirt and a leather jacket too.   This type of skirt is pretty with ankle boots, nice ballerina & flat shoes.  You can add jewellery like a chain a gold chain necklace or a sliver on.

Do you like plaid/Tartan skirts?  Do you like this outfit? Do you bought one or will go buying one? Leave me a comment below :) 

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