Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Jeans Outfit

Jeans Outfit
Today I decide to do a simple outfit, but a fashionable one.  I love this sweaters so much. It is original and pretty. I also like the shoes so much!  They are so pretty.  I love this outfit because it's simple and comfortable, but also very fashionable because of the sweaters and the shoes. You know, when you go somewhere you don't need to wear fifteen things to be fashionable, some times when it's simple it's fashionable too. You can wear this outfit, to go to school, going out with your friends, going at a friend's dinner, etc...  You also can add a chain necklace and bracelet. Use your creativity to create your own style with this outfit. You can put  a red nail polish too.

Do you like this outfit? Do you like the sweater and the jeans? Leave me a comment below :)  

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