Monday, 11 November 2013

Christmas/Winter Clothes

Christmas/Winter Clothes
This post is not about an outfit. To be honest is about to be comfortable at home at the winter time. I'm on of them who love being comfortable at home while I'm cleaning the house or cooking or just relaxing and watching movie with my family and friends.  In this picture you can find some types of clothes I like to wear at home at the winter time.  I love sweater/Jumper it keep you warm and can be very pretty with a nice leggings. For the Christmas time, I'll go with a Christmas Jumper just to be in the spirits. For the rest of the winter I'll go with a nice winter jumper or a basic one.  Leggings is one of the bottom the most comfortable without pyjamas. You can wear a very cute leggings with an oversize sweater and be very fashionable at the same time than feeling comfortable and cosy.  It's look crazy but a soft socks can change everything and you can find some pretty one too.   I have to be honest, when I'm at my home I love being comfortable on the week end when I have no visit or just some people who come to watch a movie or stuff like that. For people who have school, I'm pretty sure you feel more comfortable in clothes like them than a jeans with a shirt and blazer, right?  Oh and the beanie, it's such a thing that I love at the winter time, it's always pretty, soft and keep you warm.  You know that you can be very fashionable with a leggings and a jumper. Just mix things together and be creative and you'll be comfortable & fashionable at your home.

Here some of my favourite Christmas/Winter Jumper: Boohoo warmer jumpers

Do you like this post? What do you think about it?  What is your favourite clothes to wear at the winter time? Leave me a comment below :)

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