Friday, 13 September 2013

Favourite Look Of The Week

Today on the Favourite Look Of The Week, I choose Olivia Palermo look and  Jourdan Dunn.  With the New York Fashion Week we see a lot of nice look, but theses below are my favourites.

Olivia Palermo:
I love her look, with the Tibi shirt. I also like the skirt. It's very pretty. I like the fact she had a colour with her bag.  Love it! 

I love this look. I like the blazer and her bag. It's very fashionable and simple. These shoes are so pretty. Love it !!!! 

Jourdan Dunn:
I love this look because it's simple and fashionable. I love the short and the t-shirt. It's a very nice look! 

Which look is your favourite? Leave me comment below :)

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