Monday, 25 November 2013


This outfit was my outfit today, especially  for the event that I went to.  I didn't find the coat that I wore and the bracelet.  So I wore a black jeans with a cute Knitted Mixed  Yarn Jumper from Topshop. Honestly this jumper is so comfortable. I love it so much.  I wore the Milla Lace Up Shoes. I love them, I put them on a lot of my latest outfits, they are very comfortable and useful. You can wear them for like every occasion.  I add some colour with the nail polish.  My event tonight wasn't chic at all, so it's for that reason I went with this outfit.  My rings are from Pandora. I couldn't find my coat because it's a coat from last year collection from Urban Outfitters, actually.  My bracelet are from Topshop  & if you go on my instagram is the  first bracelet picture with the M. Here the link for the bracelet:

Do you like this outfit? What do you think about it ? Leave me a comment below :) 

OOTD by whatwearwith featuring Topshop

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