Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tartan Dress

Tartan Dress

The Tartan Dress is very in the trend right now. I do think is a good type of dress for some Christmas party.  Some of them are more chic than others, like the velvet tartan dress. Also the colour can be come more chic than others, if you take a dark tartan like the first one on the picture or the last one.  If you add some pretty jewellery, gold one or silver one and cute shoes, a heel if you want to be chic or a brogue if you want to be casual and you find the perfect outfit for a Christmas Party or Christmas Dinner.  You also can find others tartan dress with more flashy colour that you can create a very nice look for Christmas. It's all depend all your family, friends and co-worker are dressing at Christmas.  In this picture is some Tartan skirt example, you can find a lot more of them in store.

Do you like the Tartan Dress? What do you think about them?  Leave me a comment below:) 

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