Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Spring Fashion #1

Spring Fashion #1

I decide to do a Spring Fashion series of post this month. It start today with shoes. When spring comes, we have to change our wardrobe, actually, for some of you who live in a cold country like Canada, you have  to change your wardrobe gradually because of the cold weather.

Today I will talk about shoes. Honestly, I'm done with the cold weather here. I can't wait to wear sandals and flats. Actually, because of the cold weather I can't wear them until May, so I go with some light leather ankle boots, with socks in it. You also can go with some cutout boots, it's more light than the winter boots and it can be pretty with socks & tight.  I start wearing them, when it become little more warm outside.  After that I go with sneakers, you can wear those that are up, you can also wear socks in it, if it's too cold outside. You can also goes with brogues, they are in leather & you can wear a little nylon socks make for flats shoes.  When it comes warmer and hot I go with my sandals, you also can still wear you cutout boots without socks & your sneakers.

It's what I suggest you. Goes with the weather. I know for people who live in a cold country you can't wait to wear sandals & flats, but you have to go gradually because you'll be ill if you don't do that.  I do think for at the end of March & April you can wear your cutout boots with socks & you leather basic ankle boots too.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the ideas!! Great blog <3

    x Jacquelyn

  2. nice post :) I can't wait to wear flats either :)


  3. Those shoes down to the left are just adorable! Great blog!