Monday, 18 February 2013

Fashion East Fashion Show at LFW AW/13


I watched  the Fashion East Fashion Show.  It was a great fashion show. I don't like the style of the clothes for the first part, but the clothes still beautiful. It's depend of your taste.  She don't have a lot of clothes.  The colour are red, blue, green, grey, brown, white and black.  I more like the second part.  I don't like all the pieces, but some of them. You can find clothes for a lot a of taste.  You can find on this collection a lot of colour, tissue and style.  I like the fact that all the looks are complete with accessories.  The third part was little bit more my style, but I still don't really like all the clothes.  I don't really like the face on the clothes and the colour together. I still like some pieces.  All pieces are cute, it's depend if you like this type of clothes. A lot of colour too and motif. You can find on this collection a lot of skirt and dresses.   I also like the fact that all the looks are complete with accessories.  By the way, all the part it's from different designer.

All the pictures from: . You can find some others pictures on the link. The next fashion I'll watch is the Burberry Fashion Show in less than in like 43 minutes.

Also, I'm sorry for yesterday, I had some problems with my computer. I didn't watch the fashion shows for the reason.


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